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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The ideas that I have when it comes to sewing either involves a LOT of different colors or it's nature inspired, usually with birds, flowers, and/or butterflies.  That being said, I was looking back at some of my older photos for inspiration and found that I take a lot of pictures of nature... and it seems like I'm always trying to get those postcard worthy pictures you know?  I'm definitely not a professional photographer(at least not yet), but it's always fun trying to capture the best parts of those life encounters...

These pictures are from an overnight trip my husband and I took 
to St. Augustine, FL for our anniversary.  Such a fun city!

The Beach

(It is the oldest masonry and only existing 17th century fort in North America)

When we go to Gainesville, FL which is my hometown, trips to the
Butterfly Rainforest are always fun!

Spotted some beautiful pink flamingoes at 
Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL

This one I'm most proud of because I was able to capture this Hawk 
in my own backyard!  I shot these pictures through the screen of our patio, so although
it's a little hazy, at least he didn't fly away!(I put my ninja skills to the test!) 

Some cool Facts about Hawks:
  • Their eyesight is the best in the entire animal world
  • Hawks are monogamous and may mate for life
  • They see in color
  • Their ability to see clearly is 8x that of ours
Well that's all for now!  These are some of my nature inspired Pics!  What's in your photo album?  Do you notice any themes?  Do tell...


  1. I love St. Augustine. That is where my husband and I met for our first date!!!

  2. Love the butterfly pics! I can see how the colors in nature inspire your designs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Amazing nature photographs! Incredible you were able to snap that hawk in your backyard! Ninja skills indeed! :-) I love taking nature pics, too, and I am quite obsessed with macro shots of flowers ... I really love your blog banner, did you paint the artwork yourself? Thank you for your comment on my post, I'm glad you liked it!

  4. Can I just say how much I love your blog header! Beautiful! Great job on the homework, too!

  5. Lovely photography... the hawk photo is gorgeous. Amazing ninja skills you possess! And your homework is done. Impressive! x

    {Your blog header is awesome! }

  6. Ooh I loved your pictures... I think we have a similar interest in photography: nature up close. The thing is, I'm so far removed from being a professional that I only have a point-and-shoot! But I love going for those post card shots nonetheless :)

  7. Wow! Your photographs look great and I love those birds! Stunning! Thanks for sharing a bit about what inspires your work, Tori!


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