The Art of Styling

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lately I've been studying every magazine, catalogue, and website that I come across to try and learn more about photo styling.  Is there a science behind it?  Or do you kind of just go with flow?

                      Moomin Foo ~Pinterest

                Anouk B interior Concept 2012


  1. Photo styling is big business! I work for at an advertising photo studio and we hire freelance photo stylists every week to make sure the photographs we take look good. Although it may not look like it (at times, things might look thrown together) but that's just "the look" the stylist goes for. I know, they make it look so easy, right!? Photo stylist's even hire reps. They help them find clients and negociate there day rates. There are also so many types of stylists including prop, food, and on and off figure stylists. Just thought you'd like to know :) Have a nice weekend!


  2. It's definitely a science! There is no such thing as things being thrown together effortlessly - it doesn't work! Liz is right!

    I hope you will get some samples. The designs look even better in real life.

    Nice of you to visit me - it's good to meet you.
    Talk again, Stephie x

  3. I do think though that styling is largely intuitive, albeit hard work:)

  4. I'm always studying other peoples styling to try and understand why I'm drawn to it or not. It truly is an art form I think. I agree that it's intuitive, but I think theres a lot that can be learned as well. I have several pinterest boards just for styling, I love finding new ideas! xo

  5. I also love to study photos for their styling! These images are all so beautiful. I love the photos put on the wall with Japanese tape and the way the pages of the books are folded in the last one - so pretty!


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