Lovely Illustrated Maps by Michael A. Hill

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I've always been drawn to illustrated maps.  They're like a grown up version of those beautifully illustrated children's books that I used to read.  I probably spent waaay more time getting lost in the pictures than I did reading the books.  


      I would like to make you guys aware of a fabulous Illustrator named Michael A. Hill.
      I just  adore his work!  The details, the colors, and his ability to make his drawings 
      come to life are amazing! I could just stare at them for hours!  

 He illustrates these beautiful maps (which I've started collecting), for
 Lucky Magazine's  monthly shopping guide.  So it's always a treat for me to see what  he's created.  I've just recently discovered that he has  an online portfolio and there you can see a lot more of his amazingness (if you will allow me to use that word).  If you want to escape for a little bit, go check out his work!    It's really fun!


        Here's my little collection.  Maybe one day I'll have enough for a little book, 
        or better yet, maybe he will come out with a book of maps! hint, hint  : )

                     Is there anything you love now that takes you back to your childhood?


  1. Love these. Especially when it's a city i really know. You should frame your collection.

  2. Your site is super cute and our sewing in enviable. I've added you to my bookmarks page. Found you BYW. Thanks. Teri

  3. I've just visited your site through BYW and will definitely be popping back again soon!

  4. These are JUST gorgeous! You're very talented! :)

    your BYW friend,

  5. Cool indeed. Teddy bears always bring me back to my childhood, especially the book Corduroy. I was beyond obsessed with those furry little creatures :)

  6. Hi Tori, Great to read your post about my work. I am always amazed that people take time out to look at my work. Hopefully you are inspired by them and that other people are too after reading your post. The series of maps for Lucky is continuing for the moment with NYC out now I believe and Aspen to follow soon.
    My skill lie beyond maps and I am working on illustrating step by steps for a book of Quilting and patchwork, how appropriate i find myself here.
    good luck with things
    Michael A Hill


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