Fresh Face Blogger Series + Giveaway

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New bloggers need love too right? That's why I've decided to dedicate this series to the bloggers who have only been blogging for a few years or less.  I think it would be a great way for us to meet and learn a little about new bloggers on the scene.

When a blogger is featured as the "Fresh Face Blogger " of the moment, I'd like to do a brief interview of about 5 questions.  So far I have 3 solid questions, but I'm kind of stuck coming up with the other two.  Here is what I have:

  • What topics do you blog about?
  • What has been one of your favorite posts that you have written? (insert link here)
  • Who are 3 bloggers that inspire you?
Here is where I need your help:
I need help coming up with the other two questions, so I've decided to do this giveaway as a thank you in advance for helping me out : )

Here is what you will win: A cosmetic bag and a zippered pouch made by me!!

To enter: 
Please leave one comment below with a question that you think would be great for the Fresh Face Blogger series.

The contest will close Monday, January 30th, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday January 31st!  This giveaway is opened to both U.S. and International readers. 

If you would like to participate in this new series please feel free to drop me a line at  I'd love to feature you on my blog!


  1. how about, "why did you start blogging?" and "what is the best thing that has happened because of you blog?" I am always amazed at how many connections we make by blogging, and the results that go along with that! Great giveaway! x

  2. What a great idea for a series Tori! I look forward to following it! One question I thought of is: What made you start your blog?
    Great giveaway too - LOVE them and it's even more special because they're made by you. Keeping my fingers crossed. xo

  3. What a great idea, Tori! I won't second (or third) the "why did you start blogging..." so how about "describe how you construct a blog post." Great giveaway!

  4. I agree! Great ideas! As a 'sometimes' blogger for my business I always appreciate new ideas and inspiration! How about: "how do you customize your blog and make it your own design to fit in with your subject?" I always see these great blogs that aren't just the standard design (like yours Tori!!!) and wonder how people do it? I am NOT techno-savvy at all....
    That could end up being a very long answer though.... I do love Anne-Marie's question though about 'what is the best thing that has happened because of your blog?"

  5. I like the new series, Tori! Great way to highlight a fellow blogger. Here's my question: What have you learned so far about yourself or about blogging? Any blogging tips?
    Love the giveaway items. Fingers crossed.

  6. I think three good questions would be:

    1. How has blogging changed your life?

  7. great idea tori! i love the support network you are developing!
    one question i'd like to know is:
    what passion drives you?

    you have a special talent tori! take care.

  8. You can also add something in like, how does your blog fit into your life? (for example: is it something that you wish you were doing with your life, is it just a great hobby, is it a part of your life that people don't normally see, etc)

  9. I'm sorry I missed the giveaway!! Sorry, I've been kind of out of it lately :( You were giving away some great gifts! I think good questions to include would be What inspires you to blog? What motivates you to keep blogging? Great series!! Can't wait to read more of these :)


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