My Anthropologie Shopping Strategy

Monday, January 30, 2012

              ruffled ansley dress|watercolored gems shift|hourglass form dress
                                                 madison shorts|woven placita sandals

Here is how I shop Anthropologie.  I pick the items that I want, write down the item number, and wait for it to go on sale.  By the time I've noticed that the item I want has gone on sale, they've already sold out of it  online and at my local store .  So, I call customer service, they give me anywhere from 5 to 8 stores to call, and I start making my phone calls until I've found the item I'm looking for!  ON SALE!  This method has never failed me (knock on wood).  The hardest part is trying to avoid an impulse buy!  

Do you have any shopping tricks?  Have you tried this strategy before?


  1. I can totally appreciate your strategic shopping methods. That's brilliant. Sadly, I have none to share because I just do all my shopping at J.Crew. I wait for J.Crew to have a sale, then I wait for the email to come that reads: Additional 30% off sale items! (Ok, I'm not THAT bad. ;)

    1. Ahh,, J.Crew is my second favorite store! I haven't tamed my impulse buys with them yet! I do love the additional 30% off the sale price message!

  2. I went in an Anthropologie for the first time in a looong time last week, and I forgot how awesome everything was until then. I'm going to have to remember this...

  3. You're so clever! The things I love are never in stock once the go on sale or even before! Awesome idea.


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