Spreading the Love: Blog Post Round Up

Saturday, January 7, 2012

1.  You have to check out Elise's before and after pictures of her diy living room makeover.
2.  A tour of Ashley's bedroom. Beautiful.
3.  Karyn makes the most beautiful quilts.  I think fabric selection for quilts is an art all on it's
     own and she's mastered that.
4.  I love in-the-making posts/photos.  Scout and Catalogue
5.  A little bit of inspiration from Jadyn at Dutch.British.Love.  Post title: Word for 2012
6.  Stunning picture of this butterfly from Miss B.'s edit a photo a day project.
7.  Guilty Pleasure:  Gossip Girl.  Thanks Theresa for  speaking out!  Glad I'm not the only 
     one who loves this show ; )
8.  Photo Styling: also from Theresa at Inspiration Cooperative

Check out this 12 items|12 Outfit video from Flawless Mistake

Did you watch it? Clever huh?


  1. Wow~that 12 outfits is incredible. She is such a cutie! Thanks for making me get lost in a few more blogs :0

  2. LOVE this Tori! It's inspired me to not be lazy about pulling outfits together for the week, using only what's in my closet. Have you tried this?

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out! Like you, I'm so glad we share a love for GG. Such a goooood guilty pleasure. I know, now I feel a little less guilty loving it since others professed their love. :) Also loved the round up and the other links. So much inspiration!

  4. Thank you so much for including my post! That was so kind of you! :)
    I watched the video - adorable and inspiring! It's making me excited to put my outfit together tomorrow! :)


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