Sewing: Crossbody Bag Finished!

Friday, February 3, 2012

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I finally finished making this crossbody bag for my trip to Savannah next weekend (I'll tell Paula Deen you said hi!).  There are a couple of changes I need to make, but overall I'm really pleased with how it came out.  I will definitely be making this bag again.  I have a few colors in mind that I think would really look great with this style.

Since Picnik is going away (boo!),  I downloaded the Photoshop Elements trial, and I've been teaching myself how to make collages using this video from elise blaha.  I think I'll go ahead and buy the full version of PSE after the trial session is over.  It's actually becoming quite addictive! 

Anywho, what are you doing this weekend? It will be a quiet weekend for us, so I think I'll be doing some sewing and watching a little Netflix.  The next movie in our queue is Just Go With It with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.  Have you seen it yet? 

Oh!  How could I forget Super Bowl Sunday A.K.A National Commercial Day?!?  Who are you going for Patriots or the Giants?  I'll be rooting for the Giants!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Aack. I've been so busy the past few days. I've missed you! First off, go Giants! Go Eli! But I'm worried. Second, thanks for the video link. I've made a few collages in Elements (go ahead and get it, you won't regret it), but I've lost my mojo. If I can get a few of my favorite templates made, I'll feel much better.

    Have a great weekend. I LOVE your bag! And have a great time in Savannah!

    1. Glad to know I won't regret it! Really looking forward to learning a lot more about PSE

  2. I love the new header and all the little changes on the site - Looking good, T! I agree with Lauren, you won't regret purchasing PSE and it's not too, too expensive ($100, I think). Thanks for sharing the PSE tutorial link. I'll be checking it out as I'm trying to teach myself, as well. Say, check out Erin's blog ( She did a great tutorial on Friday describing how to do two really cool PS tricks.
    Enjoy the new bag (love) and your time in Savannah.

  3. Tori, the bag looks awesome!! And what a lovely outfit idea to go with it.
    I am so sad Picnik is going away! Thanks for the link to PS elements, I've never really thought of trying that and thought it was too intimidating. I'll check out the tutorial - let us know what you think once you've played more with it!

    Hope you had a great weekend!


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