Club Monaco Online {Finally!}

Thursday, March 29, 2012

When I lived in Dallas one of my favorite stores to visit was Club Monaco.  But the last time I set foot in that store was about 7 years ago.  They don't have one here in Jacksonville and although they had a website, you couldn't order online.  All I was ever able to do was browse their site and be teased by their lookbooks.   Well, last night I decided to check the site to see what they were up to and what did I see?  "Welcome to the new online shopping with us and enjoy free shipping and free returns for a limited time."  If only you knew how excited that made me!   I already have my eye on a few things like that Veruka Embellished Vest pictured below.   Now, if we could just get H&M on board...

I think I'm really going to enjoy keeping up with them through the Culture Club!!  Gold Star for Club Monaco!!! 


  1. Hey! :) A friend told me H&M is opening at The Avenues soon.... you won't have to worry about ordering online then!!!

  2. Well, the funny thing is that I love that neutral bag...but you could totally make that girlie! So maybe One.Eleven needs a look book. ;)

  3. That is seriously great news. Or is it? [Wallet talking.] Wait, I thought H&M had online shopping? It seems like all the retailers are getting on board.(Duh!)
    PS~Wow, that tumblr site looks fun.


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