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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm excited to introduce you to theresa from inspiration cooperative.  Theresa was one of the first people I met from my byw class that I instantly made a connection with.  Aside from her beautifully written blog, Theresa also has this very welcoming spirit about her.  I can go on and on about how wonderful she is but I'll let you discover that through this interview and her blog.  Thanks Theresa for doing this interview! : )

What topics do you blog about? 
Here is how the week breaks down (because keeping a blogging schedule helps keep me sane and organized):
Monday - Music
Tuesday - Fashion
Wednesday - Home
Thursday - Art
Friday - Personal (a little peek into my life and what's currently on my mind) 

What vision do you have for your blog?
First and foremost, I want to continue nurturing the community that is blossoming on the blog. I would really love my little blog to be a place where people come to talk and meet. My posts are meant to be the conversation starter. I absolutely love when other bloggers meet each other from the blog.
Second to that, I would love for the blog to become more collaborative. Which is to say, I would love to start having more guest posts to help foster the community I mention above. It makes me happy to shine a light on another person's talent or voice, giving readers the chance to meet a new person (who might inspire them in some way). Communities coming together is mutually beneficial for everyone. Much like Fresh Face Blogger ;)

What has been your favorite post you've written so far? (Title and link please)
I would have to say it was the mini-view I did with Haydee of the blog, Happenstance.
Haydee was the first fellow blogger I met in the real world. From day one she has always been extremely supportive and uplifting. I just knew her answers to the questions I posed (based on the Proust Questionnaire) would be a great testament to her beautiful spirit, and that everyone would find her inspiring. It was the best of two communities coming together.

What are some other blogs that you enjoy reading?
Ugh, no fair. There are so, so many that I love, and for different reasons. I will say that I'm totally smitten with Design Love Fest for all things design related. And, of course, I love our BYW community. Shout out to Holly of Decor8 for bringing us all  (even some that didn't take the course) together!

Off the top of your head, list 5 things you love
I immediately started to type "My family", but those aren't things, are they? :)
J.Crew, Vanity Fair, Music (moody or with a killer beat), Art/Design of any kind, and Books (especially the ones that enlighten me)


  1. It's awesome to visit your blog today only to find out that you're fresh face blogger this week is none other that the fab T! I have to say that Theresa has been a huge connection to me personality in reaching out and getting to know others from the BYW class. She is a mod mom and inspiring blogger who has a gift for bringing people and conversation together! If we all lived close to each other I feel like Theresa's place would be the hub where everyone would come and meet for a cup (or two) of coffee! It's been great getting to know her and I look forward to what she has to share!

    1. Theresa's place would definitely be the hub where we would go and you're right, she does have that gift of bringing people and conversation together!

  2. Yay to both of you! What a great interview. Even with someone I read everyday, like Theresa, and therefore feel like I know pretty well (har har), I LOVE to read interviews like these! I just love the behind the scenes peek into your lives and hopes and dreams. Both of you! Great job, and thank you!

    1. Hey Lauren, thanks for the kind words like you, I'm a behind the scenes kind of gal!

  3. Thank you so much for having me, Tori! It seems kind of weird to come here and be the main topic of today's post (hee-hee). Really appreciate how it all came out. You're the best! xoxo

    1. Thank you for doing this It's always fun putting these together and you deserve to be the main topic of today : )

  4. Hey girls,

    Really sorry to be late to the party. Crazy day BUT cannot go to sleep without checking in with my gals...

    So, what a great interview with a great lady/blogger. Really good questions Tori (too many names with T).. well done you T.
    If I wouldn't know you the way I do, I would get a good sense of what you're about and what I can expect from your blog.

    Interviews are a great way to make us focus.

    I somehow don't feel ready yet as only started in January but am keen to have guest blogs soonish. Well done Ladies, well done T's x

  5. I read Theresa's blog religiously every day. It's the first one I read as for some reason she posts at 4am ;) IC is like popping into your friend's house on the way to work for a cup of tea and delightedly finding find some of your other friends there too. It's a little party every day.

    I love that she canvasses our opinions on things and I learn a lot from her and the commenters too.

    Yeay for Inspiration Cooperative! xx

  6. What an honor to have made it into Theresa's wonderful interview! Thank you for the kind words Theresa. It made my day:) xoxo

  7. Great job, Tori - I loved your interview!!! As you know, I'm an avid reader of Theresa's wonderful blog so it's been a treat to read about the vision she has for it and to get to know her a little better. :)

    She has a knack for getting down to the nitty gritty whilst keeping things light and fun. I'm so happy to have "met" her! :D


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