Vintage Photos: When They Were Young

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I love looking at old photos, and it's especially nice when you have some type of connection to them.  One day I plan to scan all of my parents old photos- they are priceless.


This is a picture of my grandfather.  I never met him because he passed away long before I was born.  He was a shoemaker.


 "sunday's best"

This was taken in front of our church in Gainesville, Fl.   My parents still attend this church.  My grandfather is also in this picture.  

My dad (on the left) on my parents wedding day and my uncle helping him out.

Do you have a fondness for vintage photos?


  1. These are so great! Yes, I LOVE looking through my parents vintage photos. I love seeing the fashions, cars, cameras and furnishings from back in the day. Now you have to share the photos of the ladies in your family :)

  2. How fantastic! I love vintage photos too. I have vintage pics of my parents, grandparents (both sets) hanging in my family room. They make me feel so connected to my roots, they were some spiffy dressers too ;)

    1. I would love to see your pics sometime... : )

  3. Yes, I love looking at old photos - especially the walk down memory lane part. It's so interesting to see how far photography (the quality of the photos) has come. Your photos are really great.

  4. Tori, these are wonderful! I love photos of my parents and other family too - that reminds me that I really want to hang some in my house! Thanks for sharing these!

  5. I LOVE seeing what people looked like when they were younger - it also gives you more of an insight into their personalities. I found a few pictures of my grandmother when she was younger that I thought to myself, "we could totally have been friends".

    Also. On some level, I wish my parish still dressed like that for church.
    I should buy some hats.

    This was a great idea :)

  6. these are great tori we could be related lol. Daytona is far from Gainesville tho


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