Pages from Anthropologie: April '12

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

These are my picks from Anthropologie's  April '12 catalogue issue.


  1. I got this in the mail yesterday and kept it to read in carpool (oh carpool, how I love thee!), but then my mom called. Mom! So I have it to read today. Hooray!

  2. This catalog was another good one. It was like they traveled to some far off land - Morocco perhaps? The green room with the blue furniture is definitely appealing to the eye. I'm thinking it would be some kind of dream job to work for Anthropologie.

    1. I love it when they travel to shoot their catalogs! Wouldn't it be great to work for them? I can only imagine (**sigh**)

  3. Gorgeous, just love the yellow rocking chair and oh my goodness that couch is adorable!

  4. I just got it in the mail today! So exciting! Love your picks! The one with the green walls and indigo furniture is one of my favorites as well.

  5. Amazing post... i love it!And what a great blog you have:)Would you like to follow each other?:):)

  6. Hi Tori!
    Just stopping by to let you know that I've awarded your blog with a Liebster Award.
    Here is a link to the post you are featured in:

    Thanks for being an inspiration,


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