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Friday, September 7, 2012

I made a new coin purse from this beautiful fabric that I adore so much!  When I was teaching myself how to sew, the first thing I made was a framed clutch and at that time framed purses were the only thing I wanted to learn how to make so I bought all kinds of frames.  Do you remember the way bubba talks about shrimp in forest gump?  Well, that's how I feel about my stash of frames.... I have tiny frames, wooden frames, skinny frames, silver frames, flexi frames, gold frames, round frames, square frames... see what I mean?  So in honor of the "use what you have" approach I will be making framed clutches here and there until my stash is gone.

Are you a use what you have kind of girl?  Or do you tend to buy over and over again like me?


  1. That fabric is so stunning. Are the framed clutches relatively easy to make?


  2. Thanks Wren!

    Once you get the pattern down to the shape and size you want to fit your frame the rest is pretty easy!

  3. im a greedy girl on some days others i use what i got it just depends. YAY! I can leave a comment.

  4. I so tend to buy over and over again...until I PURPOSEFULLY say "no more washi tape until you at LEAST use up one roll of what you have."

    And that lasts all of 2 seconds until I see another gotta have it roll.


  5. Super cute! I haven't done anything creative in so long that no matter what I buy it seems like a splurge. I am a buy and buy and buy kinda girl. :)

  6. It came out great, Tori! Kind of fun seeing the fabric before it was anything and now seeing it as a coin purse. Tada!
    I have so much left over material/paper from my stationery days that whenever I need a card, I just whip one up. (Though, shh, I still buy new stuff from time to time.)

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