beauty in nature

Monday, September 3, 2012

I am so amazed at how beautiful nature is.  When we were in Charlotte, NC at the beginning of summer, we visited the Discovery Place - a science museum located in downtown Charlotte.


  1. That seahorse is spectacular! Just breathtaking.

  2. My sister in law has a saltwater fish tank and I'm always fascinated by the ebbs and flows of it when I visit her. Growing up, seahorses just fascinated me. I think because I lived in the desert and there used to be these little "sea globe" type toys that had them in them and I thought, like Unicorns, that they were just a made up animal. Only to learn (smile)...

  3. Really beautiful shots, Tori. I really could go to an aquarium and stare at the sea life all day long. There are so many fascinating creatures, patterns, and colors to see. Excellent for inspiration.


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