Childhood Home

Friday, November 9, 2012

Just a few pictures of my childhood home that I took this past weekend.  Oh! and this is THE BEST pound cake ever.  I wanted to get a picture of it uncut but that will probably never happen because as soon as it comes out of the oven everyone dives in.  It's soooo good when it's warm.  I so wish  you could taste it and all of its goodness.  It's the most moist, light, and flavorful cake you'll probably ever have....No Lie.  My sister makes these cakes and sells them from time to time, but she mainly makes them because she enjoys it.  I bet she could totally make a living from selling this pound cake.  This cake never lasts.


  1. Mmm pound cake! It never gets old.

  2. I love seeing these snapshots of your childhood home. Every time I go to my parent's house I'm always transported back in time. If that pound cake was waiting for me there, I might go more often. ;)


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