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Friday, April 27, 2012

So I got my Mother's day gift a little early this year and I literally feel like a kid at christmas time!  I've been plotting on getting a new camera for quite some time now so I figured mother's day would be the perfect time to get one.  Besides, who could say no to that for mother's day?  It's Mother's Day!  The other thing that's on my list is a new sewing machine that embroiders but after reading  Nancy's post on her camera recommendations, I decided to get the camera first.   So glad I did : )  How about you?  Do you prefer getting your gifts the day of or are you anxious like me and try to get it as soon as possible?


  1. Congratulations on the new camera, mama! You deserve it. I'm guessing all those little thumbnail pictures are from your new camera.
    I hope you get that embroidery machine soon enough. I have one that I bought through a great credit program years ago. My local sewing shop was offering no interest credit for one year. So, I purchased the machine, making little payments and making sure I paid it off before the year was up. It made the purchase more manageable (budget wise) and worked out quite nicely.
    I was thinking I might buy that red J.Crew handbag early for Mother's Day. ;) We shall see.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Tori!

  2. Yay an early Mother's Day gift. Sounds divine. I like to wait to the day for my goodies but if I were wanting such a nice gift, I could see not being able to wait. I haven't wanted anything big in a long time so I may need to start some looking ;) I love the blue grid fabric, j.Crew had a navy windowpane scarf that your fabric reminds me of. Happy picture taking!

  3. What an awesome gift!! I'm excited for you! Looks like you like it so far, definitely report back on what you think about it after a few uses :)

    At a work function last night one of my co-workers gave me her AWESOME camera to use to take pictures. I don't remember which one it was, but the body was worth $1700, x3 the amount of mine. I never wanted to give it back. Ever.

  4. Tori! I love that tote bag you made, and I've been looking for a pattern similar to that. Is this an original pattern or something you purchased?


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