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Monday, April 30, 2012

alright, don't laugh ; ) but this was my attempt at sketching out this idea I had of a really cool girl carrying some fabric and her sewing machine. I contacted Brooke, who has a wonderful shop on etsy full of beautiful illustrated artwork, and asked her if she could do a custom design for me.  She said yes and got right to work.

Here are a couple of rough sketches Brooke did.  When she sent the first set of images over it was almost perfect.  The only changes I wanted to make were to take away her smile, and I wanted the sewing machine to show instead of it being in a case.

after the artwork was finalized, it was time to add color.

This was the final image that I decided on until I started shopping around for a screen printer.  Come to find out, we had way too many colors and it would have been way to difficult to print every color : (  
I would hate to see her go to waste so I'm thinking about doing some note cards/stationary with this print.
 We changed the color palate to something a bit more simple  and voila!!  She's ready to be printed on to some fabric so that I can make some tote bags : )   Now, if only I can come up with a name for her.  Any suggestions? 

Thanks again Brooke for all that you've done.  You are very easy to work with and your quick responses to e-mails are much appreciated!  

Brooke elsewhere:


  1. Tori, I love it. You know how much I love illustrations and this one is no exception. Plus, it's custom just for you. What a great, fun project to work on with Brooke. She did a great job. Hm, a name...I'm thinking it's needs to be something fierce. :)

  2. I love it! So flippin' cool. As for names I vote Winona ;) or Nona for short...she is channeling Winona from Good Times and I mean that in the nicest way possible.Opps just realized it is Wilona, I think. Now I am blanking. Anyway I vote Nona ;)

  3. She's gorgeous!! I think she should be called Giselle!

  4. Tori, this sketch is so great ! How did you ever decide on a pattern? I love what you came up with! I'm bad at names...I agree with Giselle...she sounds fierce!

  5. It's beautiful! And I think your sketch wasn't half-bad either! This made me think about how much fun it is to collaborate with other creatives. You two did an great job on this together! Your totes will be awesome!

  6. I love your sense of style!!!

  7. I LOVE that! Great idea...great artist..I'm checking out her etsy shop now :)


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