Why do you pin?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How do you use your pinterest account?  What kind of pinner are you?  Do you pin because it's the "in" thing to do?  Do you pin with a strategy in mind? Or do you pin simply because you love to catalogue pretty things?  What is your true reason for pinning and what do you plan to do with all of those images?

There is one person that comes to  mind who really uses pinterest to her advantage and that's Ana from Blogmilk. Ana does a beautiful job of creating a cohesive look between her boards and her blog.

I believe that the things we use in our every day lives should be purposeful and pinterest is definitely a great tool for self-branding if done right. So after going through my many pins and doing a "virtual purge",  my goal for pinterest now is to create a visual moodboard for my blog and collect things of interest that I would eventually like to turn into thought provoking blog posts.  I've also decided to be more visible in the pinning community and take part in the conversations that come along with pinning.  I rarely leave comments and I feel like I'm kind of missing out on the full benefits of pinning.

So, I ask again, why do you pin?  Are you visible in the pinning community?  Do you leave comments or know of anyone else who uses pinterest to their full advantage?


  1. To me, Pinterest isn't just a collection of images, it's a collection of links. I use Pinterest to organize links to tutorials, recipes, patterns, etc...Before I would create a bookmark or save the image into a folder but most of the time forget where it's from. I also use it to keep track of sewing patterns that i own and I want to use.
    I love going through my Pinterest boards and looking at inspirations for a sewing project, or a quick DIY project I could tackle over a week-end, or an idea for tonight's diner. It's just a great way to catalogue and organize inspiration as well as resources...alhtough I wish they would make it possible to organize pins whithin one board to create groups and such,...I guess they prefer the beauty of randomness :))




  3. I use Pinterest to give people a visual sense of who I am and what I like. I'm hoping that if they like what they see on my boards, they will then pop over to my blog. I also have dedicated boards to my own blog posts, like Mini-Views and illustrations.
    I've read that many people are getting traffic to their blog from Pinterest. I haven't found this to be the case yet. Once, I did get a surge of traffic from someone who had pinned one of my posts to Pinterest. This only happened once.
    I should start using Pinterest more for blog post inspiration. I haven't done it in the past because I wanted my blog posts and the images I use to be a surprise. But, let's be honest, no on is watching my boards that closely. Ha-ha!
    Great post, Tori!

  4. I'm a visual person. So I purely went into pinterest as a really cool visual way to "store" all the neat things I see on my daily travels. While I do use it to give a glimpse into me (ie, my Instagram Photoaday gets crossposted there, I have a board for just photos from my blog around my home, I have a board with blogs I love and a board with books I'm reading...), it really is a place for me to tag all the neat stuff I love and easily flip back to some of it. Note, I said some of it. I'm usually too add/adhd to keep track of the early pins (smile).

    That all said, almost ALL of the traffic to my blog comes from Pinterest. Anytime I have a spike in numbers, it is because someone repinned one of my most popular posts to date (a fire bowl tutorial) and it's so easy to get blog traffic without lifting a finger.

    I'm not nearly as active as I could be - I'm horrible about following people back or leaving initial comments. If someone comments on one of my pins, I do take the time to comment back. And I've tried to be more intentional about thanking people who pin my stuff - especially if their pin is pinned 200+ times (that's when I see the surge in traffic to my blog). Figure least I can do is say thanks (smile).

    I so love Pinterest. To pieces.

    Happy Pinning!

  5. I'm absolutely horrible when it comes to Pinterest, which doesn't make any sense - by rights I should love and be addicted to Pinterest. I think it's the fact that I can't use it as easily from my phone. I only really have "on the go" time, which is perfect for Instagram and Twitter, but not so great for
    Pinterest - I pin things if I like them, but don't really have time to make things cohesive, and it's definitely not branded. It's on my to do list though. My favorite thing to do on Pinterest is to pin pictures of pretty houses. One day (when I'm a millionaire) I hope to look at all of those pictures and then design a house that I want to build. We'll see how that goes :)

    (was that post as all over the place as I think it was?)

    Thanks for the post to get me thinking :)

  6. I use pinterest as a note for favorite images I found like bookmarking websites.
    I like pinterest and it's a good tool to show my friends what kind of fashion, craft or foods now I'm interested in quickly.
    Thanks for your posting. It's a very interesting topic.


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