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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today was the first time that I bought flowers for the house just because.  Isn't the shameful?  Why did I wait so long?  Needless to say I think I'll be doing it on somewhat of a regular basis moving forward. I don't have a green thumb AT ALL so maybe if I start out with flowers it won't be so bad.  What about you?  Are you a buy flowers just because kind of girl or do you wait for those special occasions?


  1. So glad you bought yourself flowers, just because. Bet it cheered you. I love to buy flowers for myself, just because. Usually, whenever I'm at Trader Joe's (do you have those in FL?), I pick up a bunch, and they're reasonable priced. I love that photo above.

  2. I am blessed with a green thumb so I'm a grow flowers just because and bring them in kind of gal. Ironically...this year, I've just grown and not brought anything but one lowly fallen stem in from the yard. I missed out on the daffodil, allium and lilac bouquets. MIght be time to just start snipping and enjoying.

    Flowers just because are awesome!


  3. I LOVE buying flowers for my house! It just makes it feel so great!
    You need to definitely do this on a weekly basis!!
    d+o xo

  4. I keep trying to talk my husband into Flower Friday where he stops at the Wholesale Florist (an awesome place by the way) and brings home flowers for the week, but he WON'T GET MY HINTS!!!!! Note to self, try again! xo Great picture, by the way!


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