Out and About: Pamela Jane Photography

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How often do you come across a photographer's work that just instantly speaks to you?  Pamela of Pamela Jane Gallery has a beautiful etsy shop filled with images of Paris capturing those organic moments that seems like only a local can. Here's why I love her work...

 I love images of store fronts and window displays.  The first photo of the dress form and necklace is probably my favorite and I won't be surprised if it makes its way in to my home : )


Another thing I love are images of cafes and bistros that have chairs spilled over to the outside for people watching, and fresh air (or at least that's why I like to eat outside).   

And I love those random images that tell a bit about how the locals live.

Beautiful work Pamela!

Which image speaks to you the most?


  1. the corner cafe...for sure. i like to think of myself there with a delicious cappuccino, writing some thoughts down, listening to others speak that gorgeous language, watching strollers pass by. (sigh) take me there now please.

    1. Sounds splendid! Mind if I join you? ; )

  2. When I see Paris photos, I never tire of seeing the architecture in that beautiful city. The buildings are so old and beautiful with ornate details. I agree, Pamela's work is stunning.

  3. The one with the outside of the crepe place. It is really awesome. I also think this ties back to a post you did before on a style of photo that you like or something like that. Definitely interesting how people's brains work, huh?

  4. I just want to travel through those photos. Gorgeousness times a BILLION!

  5. What a lovely post featuring my work! Thanks much, Tori! xo

  6. Such beautiful photography. I love it all, but the green vespa shot is so lovely. Excited to check out her etsy site xx


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