Summer of Vintage Stitchy Love Contest: hosted by feeling stitchy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Since I'm all kinds of interested in anything that has to do with embroidery I thought it would be fun to enter the summer of vintage stitchy love contest hosted by beth who is a contributor for feeling stitchy.  You can use any vintage embroidery pattern, make up your own, or use the pattern that they have provided which is the one above (I'll be using the provided pattern).

I've gathered some images of vintage fabrics to help me choose a color palette for guidance.  I'd like to know, which color palate do you think will compliment this pattern best? 

  Color Palette #1
vintage fabric: pattern like

Color Palette #2
vintage fabric: Pattern Like


Color Palette #3
vintage fabric: Kelley Street Supply

Color Palette #4

vintage fabric: Pattern Like

Care to join me?  All entries have to be in by July 24 so there's plenty of time : )


  1. Okay. I'll be no help AT ALL. My personal favorite is #2, but #1 and #4 feel the most vintagey to me. And #4 feels very familiar. Like my mom had a print like that in our kitchen in the 70s. Have fun picking! And show us the finished product!

    1. Believe it or not that did help. Thanks for the input Lauren: )

  2. What a fun contest. Hm, if I can just get through this month and BYW, I think I'll have some more time to be creative. I'm feeling color palette number #2. I would love to see how your project comes out when you're done.

  3. I like #2 the best. I am so looking forward to your finish. And in the interest of full disclosure, I may or may not have been walking around with a certain clutch shopping (in my closet) for the right look to pair with said clutch for my lunch date. I am trying for the opps, I am so stylish without even trying look.

  4. My favorite is #1. I like the way the colors all complement each other - there isn't really one that pops, so you can find different ways to make certain parts of the image pop.

  5. #2 kinda spoke to me in the sense of what would go with the image best, but I think that #1 has the most vintage feel out of all of them. Hope that helps!

  6. These are so amazing, beautiful idea for room decoration. You did really nice work with this post.


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