Monday, July 2, 2012

We went to Gainesville this past weekend to meet my cousin Jeneanne for the first time.  36 years ago she was put up for adoption and just recently reconnected with her mother (my first cousin) through facebook.

Jeaneanne flew in from Texas to meet her mother for the first time, so my cousin thought it would be a great idea to throw her a surprise luncheon so she could meet everyone and so that we could  properly welcome her into the family.

At first I was a little nervous because I didn't know how receptive she would be to everyone,  but to my surprise, she was overwhelmed with excitement when she saw all of the people that came out to meet her.

Yep, we have a new member in the family, and it's up to us to continue to show her just as much love as we did on the first day we met her, because that's what family does.


  1. What a great story, T. You had me on the edge of seat when you mentioned that you didn't know how J. would feel about seeing so many new faces. Happy to hear it all went well.

  2. tori, i have goosebumps. such a beautiful story...
    and yes that's what family does...

  3. How awesome! Hope this is the start of a wonderful kinship.

  4. Beautiful story, Tori! I feel like you are one amazing and beautiful revelation after another. So happy that you got to share a special day with your cousin! Here's to many more in your future!

  5. What an awesome idea!!! Very nice.

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