Sewing: Americana Clutch

Friday, July 6, 2012

Inspired by the fourth of July and the olympics, I made this clutch.  I love how it turned out especially the zig zag stitching down the middle : )

I also wanted to share a few business links with you guys that I thought were pretty helpful.

the key to success that most designers fight to avoid

your product: sell what you love

9 tips for opening your own etsy store

Happy reading!


  1. Tori, another beautiful design. Perfectly patriotic. So you know that I recently met the lovely Lauren in person. I was carrying my Liberty clutch on the day we met for breakfast! I held it up and said, "This is from Tori!" She then pulled her makeup clutch out of her handbag and proudly showed me. Aw! Tori was in the house. :)

  2. That's pretty neat! I'm feelin' the love, feelin' love : )

  3. Absolutely agreed on the zig zag stitch across the front of that clutch - it's the perfect detail.

    Loved the articles, thank you. If I had more time in a week, I would definitely consider opening up an Etsy shop, but right now that's not an option for me unfortunately. I'm really excited for you for launching your shop!!


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