Anthro Picks

Saturday, May 19, 2012

**Illume Good Nature Tin Candles smell so divine!  I'm currently burning the sweet olive blossom candle and the coconut milk mango candle is next on my list.  

**I'm a new comer to Anthology magazine and I'm only 3 issues in but I think this is perhaps my new favorite magazine! 


  1. Love that anthro dress (not the anthro price) and totally knocking off that rope hung planter.

    1. Yes, the dress is probably my favorite! It looks so comfy I think I might have to bite the bullet on that one. If you do the planter you know you're going to have to show me right?

  2. Yup, I love all of it. I have to agree with you two on the chevron dress. I bet it will go on sale. Funny, I was looking for a planter that incorporated rope in some way and there you found it.

  3. One day I will justify buying that magazine. Every time I flip through the pages I swoon. That day is probably coming sooner than I think.


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